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  1. San Diego Digital Forensics, Inc.
    409 Camino Del Rio South, Suite 102
    San Diego CA 92108


  2. Jim Sevel

    Jim Sevel, President, CFCE

    Jim Sevel is a retired Department of Homeland Security (DHS)/US Customs Service (USCS) Agent with thirty-two (32) years of federal law enforcement experience. He was one of the founding members of the San Diego Regional Computer Forensics Laboratory and retired in 2006 as the Supervisor of the DHS Computer Forensics and Cyber Investigations Group. He was rehired by DHS in 2008 to work and supervise computer forensic cases and retired again in 2013. Jim started San Diego Computer Forensics in 2007 to service the civil litigation community. On April 1st, 2014, Jim merged with Sargent Digital Forensics to form their new company San Diego Digital Forensics (SDDF). Jim has over 20 years of experience conducting computer forensic examinations and has testified in military, federal, and state courts as an expert on digital forensic issues.

  3. Don Evans

    Don Evans, CFCE

    Don Evans retired from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Homeland Security Investigations, as a Special Agent with over thirty-four (34) years of federal law enforcement experience. In 2006, he was selected for training and assigned to the computer forensic program under the DHS Computer Forensics Unit. Don is certified in computer and cell phone forensics. On April 1st of 2014, Don joined with Sargent Digital Forensics and San Diego Computer Forensics to form their new company San Diego Digital Forensics. Don has been conducting computer and cell phone forensic examinations since 2006.

  4. Rusty Sargent

    Rusty Sargent, Retired

    Rusty Sargent started his law enforcement career with the La Mesa, California Police Department. He pioneered the department's High Tech Crime Unit and conducted computer forensics investigations. In 1998, Mr. Sargent was involved in the formation of the first Regional Computer Forensics Laboratory in San Diego. Mr. Sargent retired in 2004 to begin work in civil litigation. He started his own computer forensic company, Sargent Digital Forensics, and in 2014 joined Jim Sevel and Don Evans to form San Diego Digital Forensics, Inc.