San Diego Digital Forensics Services

SDDF provides pre-litigation consulting, imaging, preservation, analysis, and expert testimony services to the civil litigation community, e-discovery companies and corporations.

SDDF has experience in acting as a technical special master, independent/neutral third party examiners, and has assisted as Court appointed e-discovery referees. We have experience in the evaluation of the opposing expert's forensic analysis reports and rendering an opinion as to its completeness, accuracy, and findings.

The typical case analysis can include: Internet Activity Analysis (websites visited, timelines, downloads), Email Analysis (OST, PST, Mbox, web based email), Data Recovery (documents, spread sheets, email, graphics, deleted data), Identification of Attached USB Devices, Metadata Analysis, and Text String Searches.

Typical Digital forensic services that we provide include:

  • Digital / Computer Forensic Analysis

    • Intellectual Property Theft
    • Employee Malfeasance
    • Contract Disputes
    • Document and Email Manipulation
  • Mobile Device Forensics

    • Cell Phones
    • Tablets
  • Social Media Collections

  • Cloud Based Collections

  • Data Storage and Email Forensic Analysis

  • Electronic Discovery Consulting

    • Assisting in PMK Depositions of Technical Staff
    • Developing Electronic Discovery Protocols
    • Assisting in Drafting Discovery Language
  • Expert Testimony

  • Neutral / Third Party Examinations

  • Technical Special Master

  • Secure Digital Media Wiping

  • On-Site/After Hours Collections